Reduce High Blood Pressure

reduce high blood pressure

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Reduce High Blood Pressure
Simple Methods of Reducing High Blood Pressure

This material from this post is taken from the website: .  You can find this material under the treatment section of the homepage of this website.  My sister’s doctor recently told her that she has high blood pressure, so this is put up in response to that.  She seldom drinks and doesn’t smoke; however, these are two important factors to consider when diagnosed with high blood pressure.  You can find out more information with regards to blood pressure, high blood pressure, detection, prevention, treatment, and issues for women by clicking on the ablove link.

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Quick Fixes for Insomniacs

Have Trouble Sleeping?

Sleep deprivation is not a laughing matter and can be very dangerous.  It can suppress immune cells that fight off viral infections and cancer (Beardsley, 1996).  A lack of sleep can alter metabolism and hormonal functioning in ways that mimic aging, which can contribute to obesity high blood pressure, and memory impairment (Spiegel, 1999).  In addition, sleep deprivation can make one irritable, slow down performance, and impair creativity, communication, and concentration.  If you are experiencing problems falling asleep, there are a number of things that I recommend for you to do in order to mitigate (lessen the severity of) this problem.

In accordance to scientific research, there are a number of things that an insomniac should do in order to induce sleep or assist in helping any insomniac to fall asleep.  Exercising regularly is recommended; however, do not exercise too late in the evening.  You should avoid caffeine, especially in the afternoon or later, and avoid food and drink near bedtime.  The exception is a glass of milk because it provides the raw materials for the manufacturing of serotonin which promotes sleep.  Next, you should relax before bedtime.  This might include setting up an environment with dimmer lights to prepare yourself for sleep.  Try to sleep on a regular schedule.  If you work an alternating shift schedule, request to have your schedule rotated no more than every third week.  (Meyers; 55)

Scientists are not sure why exactly we need sleep, but there are theories.  We do know that sleep is crucial and without it we can’t function.

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USS Midway and the Boyz

 Family Adventure

I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with my brother, nephew, and my nephew’s friend in San Diego at the USS Midway.  It was a special day for me because it’s the first time for me to see my nephew in over ten years, and now he’s nearly all grown up.  The advertisement says that it’s a family adventure.  I”m just glad we were able to get in and out of this adventure in less than 2 hours.  I’m not saying that the tour of this museum, which is actually an air craft carrier, is not worth seeing.  It’s worth every penny, I’m just not one for staying in one place for too long.  The admission price is a mere $18 for adults and $10 for youngsters.  There are student and senior discounts, and active military is free.  My brother is a naval officer and was able to explain in detail the entire ship.  I could see the excitement in the young boys’ faces as my brother proudly inundated them with air craft carrier promulgations.   My Words Falling on Deaf Ears. 

I, on the other hand, was busy having a conversation with a few of the navy men standing on deck.  I must have talked to them for 45 minutes straight.  I wanted to know what it takes to become a pilot in the navy.  I asked these men a myriad of questions, but they completely ignored me.  They’re sort of like the guards at Buckingham Palace; they don’t move and they certainly don’t talk.  I found out later that they have been instructed not to talk to the visitors unless they are wearing pants.  I’ll have to remember that for the next time.

We walked around the inside of the carrier and got to see a few bunks; pretty tight sleeping quarters (sorry no pics, too small to fit in the camera).  Then we moved to the outside and walked around the top of the carrier.  We saw a bunch of planes that I have so aptly named “f’ somethings”.    This might have been the “f’ something” 205.  There was this extremely courteous old geezer walking in our vicinity.  He looked rather bored, so we asked him if he could explain to us a little bit about this plane.  He rattled off all sorts of useless information like, it shoots 7 billion rounds/sec and it can go mach 7 even when it’s wings have been shot off.  He went on and on, and because he was so old, we listened and genuinely pretended to be interested.  In all fairness, he was informative and useful in getting all four of us in the same shot.  Thanks old geezer.    

Oh yeah, I forgot.  Before we entered onto the flight deck, we were somewhere in the middle.   We got to see a bunch of motors, planes, refueling stations and even a general store, where you can buy the movie “Top Gun” and a whole bunch of other cool navy gadgets and paraphernalia.  Right before going into the store, I stood on a glass floor and took an amazing shot of my feet.  I’ve always wondered what my feet would look like on the internet.   

Before entering the USS Midway, we hung outside together with our good friend Admiral Sprague.  There was really nothing else to take a picture of so we decided to take a picture of this guy.  Unfortunately there were no old geezers anxiously standing around to rattle off useless facts about this defunct hero, so my brother was not able to get into this shot.  I had a wonderful time wandering around with my nephew, his friend, as well as my brother on and around the USS Midway in San Diego.    Thanks boyz!

 There are no hyperlinks in this post.  You can click on the pictures to get a better view.  I added green to some of the text to add contrast and help explain the pictures, but they are not links.



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My Virgin of Escher

My Rendition of “Relativity” Inspired by Roger Penrose 

This is a unique design piece that was actually done with color pencil by me and inspired by M.C. Escher, who was inspired by L.S. Penrose, a biologist who enjoyed making games and puzzles of various sorts.  His variation of his son’s, Roger Penrose the mathematician, impossible triangle turned out to be the impossible staircase, which in turn was sent to M.C. Escher, which in turn inspired him to create “Relativity.”  If you are interested in showcasing this one of a kind piece in your museum, hotel, home, church, etc.; please don’t hesitate to contact me.  (Go to about for contact info.)  This piece is a one of a kind and will not go without a substantial (very substantial) offer.  Good Luck!  (Measurements:  14×11 inches)

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Dexter Stamp

“Dexter is probably one of those cartoon characters that doesn’t need an introduction, but anyway, for those who have never heard about him, Dexter is a boy genius that has a giant secret laboratory filled with his great inventions.”

Here is a vector stamp that I made with Illustrator.  I used a rough tutorial to create this image.  The image only took about 30 mins. to create.  This is the first image on the tutorial list, so I am going to try to  make all 50 images.  I wasn’t able to fill in the shadow under the hair or use some of the recommended gradients.  Using the pen tool was very useful and actually quite fun when creating this image. 

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The Invention of Paper

This is a report on the invention of paper that I made by using Power Point.   Slimpundit

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The Worst Manmade Disaster in the History of the World


BP Oil Leak, The Worst Manmade Disaster in the History of the World

            To borrow a phrase from Laura Ingraham, fox news contributor and radio talk show host, this country is bleeding.  Nothing could be truer.  The Deep Water Horizon Oil Rig blew up killing 11 men.  In addition to this tragic loss of human life, the well has been leaking hundreds of thousands or even millions of gallons of oil per day.  One barrel of oil is equivalent to 42 gallons.  British Petroleum (BP) reported that the oil was initially spilling out 5000 barrels a day.  Scientists have come up with different numbers.  Using Satellite imagery, oceanographer at Florida State University, Ian R. MacDonald has calculated BP’s estimate as being four or five times smaller than its actual amount.   Other scientists used the image from BP’s live feed to measure the flow of oil out of the pipe and have concurrently estimated the spill to be about four or five times larger than BP’s estimate.  The Exxon Valdez oil spill, which occurred in 1989, spilled out nearly 11 million gallons of oil in Prince William Sound, Alaska.  If the scientific calculations are correct with regards to our current crisis, we have exceeded that 11 million gallon mark by about four or five times.  And the worst news is:  the well appears to be gushing out more oil than ever before following BP’s most recent effort to cap the oil well.  The cut in this latest attempt was reported to have been an irregular cut, and BP stated that the plans to cap the oil well were proving to be more challenging, partly in due to the irregular cut.  Both of the previous methods:  placing an enormous dome over the top of the well in order to siphon out the oil, and “top kill” the pumping of huge amounts of mud and cement into the leak in hopes of blocking the leak, unfortunately failed. 

            This is not a political issue.  This is perhaps the worst industrial problem the world has ever faced.  How many times do we have to see Billy Nungesser crying on CNN about the lack of effort coming from BP as well as the federal government?  Anderson, please stop!  There are close to 50 million gallons of oil getting pushed onto the coast, and it’s only going to get worse.  No matter what efforts are taken, it’s not going to be enough.  The national guard has been called in, the coast guard is on the job, and even NASA has been called in to put a stop to this oil leak.  BP has assured us that they will work relentlessly to stop this leak and to clean it up as well. 

            Dana Perino, former Bush Press Secretary, was on the O’Reilly Factor talking to Laura Ingraham, who was filling in for Bill O’Reilly.  She mentioned that the president should ignore the advice of the left to be more fierce and angry.  The day before, Laura Ingraham along with Spike Lee wouldn’t shut up about how the president needs to show more passion.  Is passion going to stop the millions of gallons of oil from destroying the beaches and wetlands, birds and sealife, jobs and homes, as well as the environments and ecosystems in that entire region?  BP is right about one thing when they said that that their main concern is not to deliver statistics about how much oil is flowing out of the well.  Their primary concern right now is shutting down this disastrous leak.  Harvard Professor Larry Keely once said, “No one is as smart as everyone.”  Let’s stop the blaming, crying, and political games and with a well-coordinated and whole hearted effort put an end to this together.

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