Quick Fixes for Insomniacs

Have Trouble Sleeping?

Sleep deprivation is not a laughing matter and can be very dangerous.  It can suppress immune cells that fight off viral infections and cancer (Beardsley, 1996).  A lack of sleep can alter metabolism and hormonal functioning in ways that mimic aging, which can contribute to obesity high blood pressure, and memory impairment (Spiegel, 1999).  In addition, sleep deprivation can make one irritable, slow down performance, and impair creativity, communication, and concentration.  If you are experiencing problems falling asleep, there are a number of things that I recommend for you to do in order to mitigate (lessen the severity of) this problem.

In accordance to scientific research, there are a number of things that an insomniac should do in order to induce sleep or assist in helping any insomniac to fall asleep.  Exercising regularly is recommended; however, do not exercise too late in the evening.  You should avoid caffeine, especially in the afternoon or later, and avoid food and drink near bedtime.  The exception is a glass of milk because it provides the raw materials for the manufacturing of serotonin which promotes sleep.  Next, you should relax before bedtime.  This might include setting up an environment with dimmer lights to prepare yourself for sleep.  Try to sleep on a regular schedule.  If you work an alternating shift schedule, request to have your schedule rotated no more than every third week.  (Meyers; 55)

Scientists are not sure why exactly we need sleep, but there are theories.  We do know that sleep is crucial and without it we can’t function.


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